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  • Tools

  • Tyros is available both in source and in binary format. For windows users it means that you need special software to write the floppy image to real floppy. One of such programs is RawWrite.

    Tyros is written in assembly, C and Objective-C, thus you need to have appropriate compilers (NASM, GCC and GCC-OBJC) installed in your system if you wanna hack the code. Each of these ones is available both for UNIX and Windows systems

    For testing and debugging you can use the Bochs cross-platfrom x86 PC emulator.

  • CVS

  • You can checkout source code using the sourceforge CVS repository: :pserver:guest@cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/tyros
    You can also browse CVS by the web

  • Files

  • Tyros is being actively developed, so we do not put direct links here. You can always get fresh source code snapshots at the project download page at sourceforge

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