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  • Preface

  • We are glad to see you on our TyrOS development page.
    If you are neither developer nor employer then you are obviously in wrong place and in wrong time :)

  • Description

  • This site is entirely devoted to our operating system Tyros.
    Tyros is not a commercial system. It is only an expression of our thoughts and ideas.
    We are a group of volunteers who combine an direct their forces towards self-expression using such a cored platform.

    Tyros is an operating system based on the Neutronix microkernel. It is aimed towards providing the unified interface between user-space applications and all types of system objects (i.e. threads, processes, users, computers, networks etc).

    the Neutronix microkernel is being written in C and Objective-C, and its first working pre-alpha version was released Jun 16, 2003.

  • Documentation

  • Tyros operating system: design and architecture overview

    See sourceforge for more info.
This project totally supports Open Source approach. Please read GNU General Public License (GPL)

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